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Our skilled multidisciplinary team offer rehabilitation services at our two purpose-built state of the art centres: Kingston Rehabilitation Centre and Bagshot Park neurorehabilitation Centre.


CHD Rehabilitation are established and NHS preferred providers for acquired brain injury and neurorehabilitation. We have a strong focus on facilitating the very best possible recovery of those in our care, combined with enabling patients to live as independently as possible in stimulating and home-like environments.

Each of our centres is committed to providing the very highest levels of rehabilitation through individually tailored and goal driven treatment programmes.

Our centres both offer a choice of fully furnished private bedrooms, each with an accessible en-suite wet room. The centres are wheelchair accessible throughout with lift access to all floors. There are a number of lounge and dining facilities and accessible gardens to relax in and enjoy.

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It is our ultimate goal to rehabilitate our residents, enabling them to become as independent as possible so that they can re-establish or find a new pattern of life and continue to live their lives their way.

Each individual is supported by their own bespoke care pathway. To ensure continuity of care and a smooth transition between services we work with patients and their families through each stage of the rehabilitation process from acute rehabilitation to community outreach in their own home.

Our aims are simple: To establish a care pathway that includes patient specific treatment programmes to facilitate the best possible recovery of those in our care To enable our patients to live as independently as possible, within the scope of their rehabilitation, to enhance their quality of life in a stimulating and caring environment To find out more about our care pathway, click on the link below:

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Bagshot Park and Kingston Rehabilitation Centres specialise in delivering neurorehabilitation, specialist nursing, tracheostomy care, long-term complex disability management and post-COVID rehabilitation.

Our teams are led by a Consultant in Rehabilitation, experienced in the management of long-term conditions and complex disability, and who is able to offer support, recommendations and guidance on day to day service provision.

Many of the conditions that cause disability will require care and specialist input from experienced multidisciplinary teams (MDT). We take pride in having specialist skills and expertise to deal with complex issues surrounding disability, both for the patient and the family.

As well as inpatient rehabilitation, our teams are able to provide both outpatient therapy and community support. Personalised rehabilitation pathways are delivered through our expert multidisciplinary teams consisting of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and rehabilitation assistants. To find out more about our services, click on the circular icons below:
Specialist Nursing
Long-Term Care
Covid Rehabilitation
Post-Surgical Orthopaedic
Neurological Rehabilitation
We provide rehabilitation services for a broad spectrum of Neurological conditions, including, stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury. Residents, families and the multidisciplinary team work closely together to formulate long and short-term goals and strategies to improve quality of life.

We also facilitate community activities based on hobbies and lifestyle interests.

Our central aim is to improve quality of life, maximise independence and minimise the effect of impairment on daily living.
Specialist Nursing Care & Tracheostomy Management
Our nurses are all trained to provide specialist nursing care to patients with highly complex physical disability and cognitive needs. They are highly skilled in the management of symptoms arising from neurological conditions; namely, PEG management, catheter care and specifically Tracheostomy care.

Our nurses and physiotherapists are also able to provide complex care for those who require regular maintenance of respiratory function and the prevention of infections.
Long-Term Complex Care & Complex Disability Management
Since Neurological Conditions sometimes have enduring care needs, our team is trained to manage such needs and we are able to offer long-term complex placements.

Our rehabilitation centres provide support to persons with progressive neurological conditions, such as, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Motor-Neuron Disease.
Covid Rehabilitation
COVID-19 is resulting in an increased need for rehabilitation. This is required for those who have been hospitalised with COVID-19, many of whom are older and with underlying health problems. These patients will often experience fatigue and reduced cardiovascular fitness. Research has shown possible neurological impacts of COVID-19 with some patients experiencing stroke or seizure activity due to abnormalities in blood clotting or a lack of oxygen to the brain, resulting in cognitive impairments.

Rehabilitation can also be needed for those who have become deconditioned as a result of reduced activity, social isolation, and an inability to access healthcare for pre-existing or new illnesses during the pandemic.

We can offer rehabilitation following hospital admissions and COVID treatments to provide ongoing physical, neurological and respiratory support as well as discharge planning for individuals prior to returning home
Post-Surgical Orthopaedic with Rehabilitation
We provide high-end hospitality services for individuals requiring some additional time in a care environment following elective orthopaedic surgeries.

Supplementary physiotherapy services are also available to help you return to your previous level of function and independence before returning home.
Physio & Hydrotherapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy
The Physiotherapy team work with the MDT to provide specialist rehabilitation and support patients to achieve their goals. They are highly skilled to provide a full neurological or orthopaedic assessment and treatment interventions including hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, spasticity management, gait re-education, 24-hour postural management and respiratory physiotherapy and tracheostomy care.

Both rehabilitation services offer access to a hydrotherapy pool that are accessible to all residents.

Hydrotherapy can be used to treat a range of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions as part of a wider physiotherapy programme. It has many benefits for the treatment and management of complex conditions, including strengthening, relaxation and improving cardiovascular fitness
Occupational Therapy
Our Occupational Therapists offer specialist assessment and treatment with practical support to enable our patients to maximise their functional independence and work closely alongside carers and families to provide education and training as needed to promote this independence. They are able to offer assessment and provision of custom-made hand splints and work with the MDT to offer postural and seating advice.

To practise skills learnt in therapy sessions, community visits and access to a therapy assessment kitchen are also available with the support of our Occupational Therapists.
Speech & Language Therapy
Our Speech and Language Therapists work with people with a range of speech, communication and swallowing difficulties as a result of neurological illness or injury. These difficulties can include aphasia, dysarthria, dysphagia and cognitive communication disorder.

We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment to enable patients to manage their difficulties. We assist patients to develop more effective skills and strategies for eating/drinking and communication and work closely alongside carers and families to provide guidelines to support these strategies. We will also assess needs for assistive technology to enhance communication.
Our psychology team will complete detailed assessments of cognitive functions, behaviour and emotional well-being. Within therapy the team will teach patients to use strategies to manage or overcome these issues and to help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression. They also work to promote independence with executive functioning, memory and activities of daily living through close working with occupational therapists to ensure continuity of care.

We recognise that neurological illness or injury has an impact on the whole family and so our psychology team will work closely with the patient’s family, friends and carers to help them to understand the condition and engage them in using rehabilitation strategies that work for all.
Our reablement care packages will support you to do things for yourself and to continue to live your life your way whilst enabling you to remain in your own home.

Our support workers are trained to observe, encourage and prompt you to re-learn skills you may have lost, or to teach you new skills to help you to adapt and achieve a new level of independence. We can also provide an assessment and home set-up service with our Occupational Therapists.

They can visit your home to assess for any additional equipment needs and environmental changes you may require to help you in maintaining your independence in your own home.


Bagshot Park

Bagshot Park

28 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5HN

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Kingston Rehab

Kingston Rehab

38 Beaufort Road, KT1 2TQ

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At CHD Rehabilitation, we always strive to offer the best possible care we can, 24/7; but don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from the people that count...

Jean Stewart, Wife of former resident

"Peter didn’t feel he was in a home for rehabilitation. It was almost like being in a hotel, which was lovely."

Catherine O (Respite Resident)

"My time at CHD Rehab was enjoyable. The management and staff encouraged me to stay positive in a daily routine. The activities were good. I would have liked more. I am very happy with my care that I received."

Tim Dodds, Former Mayor of Surrey Heath

"We toured the centre and were immensely impressed with the facilities and staff. It’s the spaciousness and quality feel to the centre that is a lasting impression, as is the focus on rehabilitation."

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We accept patients privately or via Care Commissioning Group referrals (CCG).

Upon receipt of a referral, the Bagshot Park team will:

  • Undertake a detailed pre-admission assessment
  • Encourage prospective patients and their loved ones to visit our centre and meet our team
  • Prepare a detailed, person-centered report of care needs, including risk assessments and proposed fees
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Our multidisciplinary team includes our highly experienced Brain Injury service manager, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists as well as nurses, rehabilitation support workers and retained GP services. Our clinical team members are recognised in their field as having particular expertise in the management of brain injury.

Our highly skilled team works together to assess and continually monitor the needs and progress of each individual, assisting them to help maximise recovery and independence.

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At CHD Living, we’re proud to have such a diverse, dedicated team of caregivers that always put person-centred care and companionship at the heart of their offering.

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